amantha is pleased at Darrin's comment that she looks more beautiful every day, even if he says it when she's bleary eyed and disheveled from having just awoken. Endora, on the other hand, believes it was a just a trite mortal platitude, with which Samantha should not so enamored. So without telling him the truth from where the gift came, Endora decides to give Darrin a truth god statue that causes any mortal standing within three feet of it to tell the truth. The statue ends up causing some problems for Darrin with his work colleagues, clients and total strangers. But it might cause the most havoc when Darrin and Samantha host a small dinner party for the Tates, and the Hotchkisses, lucrative new clients. Through the process of telling the truth, they all learn that the truth may not always be a bad thing.

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