ecause he doesn't want Samantha to do any heavy work or do that work using witchcraft, Darrin wants Samantha to hire a maid. She reluctantly agrees, her reluctance due to the fact that she doesn't want a stranger invading her house and their lives. After a few less than satisfactory interviews, Samantha finally decides to hire Naomi Hogan. Naomi admits that she is not the best housekeeper in the world - in fact, she admits that she is quite inept at it - but she's nice, honest, and she needs the money to put her son through medical school. Naomi ends up being a great housekeeper, but it's all with Samantha being her secret shadow, she who uses her witchcraft to right all Naomi's many wrongs. Not knowing what's going on, Darrin agrees to Louise's request to lend Naomi out for an evening to prepare a fancy meal for a business dinner party which will not include Darrin and Samantha. Samantha then has no option but to tell Darrin the truth. They have to figure out a way to get invited to the party so that Samantha can still act as Naomi's shadow, or risk the party and the resulting business going down the drain. They also have to deal with the longer term aspect of Naomi as their housekeeper.

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