lthough Samantha admits to the act of witchcraft in feeding infant Tabatha, the act itself makes Darrin ponder if Tabatha is indeed a witch. His belief that she is is strengthened when the Kravitzes give to Tabatha a gift of one share in a stock that has not moved in twenty years, and by the next day the stock increases by 6 points, almost doubling its worth. Samantha believes it is just coincidence, but as she convinces Darrin that she or Endora had nothing to do with the stock's rise, Darrin believes Tabatha manipulated the market for her own benefit. As an experiment, Darrin buys Tabatha a share in another stock of her "pointing", which also nearly doubles its worth overnight. Beyond the Kravitzes wanting to get in on whatever is causing the Stephenses seemingly to get rich - even if it is by voodoo as Gladys suspects - only one thing may convince Darrin that none of the unusual stock activity was of Tabatha's doing.

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