hile Samantha waits for Darrin alone in a fancy restaurant, she is hit upon by an obnoxious drunk who refuses to leave her alone despite her constantly telling him to do so. Darrin, upon his arrival and seeing the situation, wants to protect his wife's honor which leads to a physical altercation with the drunk. As it looks as if Darrin is going to get beat up by his much larger adversary, Samantha decides to use witchcraft to knock out the drunk, which on-lookers believe was all Darrin's fists doing. Later in private, Darrin is humiliated that his wife fought his battle for him. However, Darrin and Samantha just want to put the incident behind them and move on. That may not be easy as the rest of the world won't leave the story alone as unknown to Samantha and Darrin at the time, the drunk is heavyweight contender Jolting Joe Kovacks. The story ends up being front page news. The front page story has three resulting outcomes. First, Kovacks, despite being truly sorry for his actions which were the result of him being intoxicated, may have lost the opportunity for the championship fight, and will need to prove to the world that he still deserves the opportunity. Second, Darrin and Samantha have to come to an understanding about what she will and will not use her witchcraft for in relation to fighting his battles. And third, others may want their shot at fighting Darrin, one in particular who has ulterior motives with regard to Kovacks.

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