arrin's parents are coming by for their first ever visit to see Tabatha. Their visit coincides with another by Endora. While Darrin's father's primary focus is coming up with business ideas to get him out of retirement, the grandmothers are in quiet competition with each other, especially as the favored grandmother to Tabatha. But that competition ratchets up a notch when Darrin and Samantha learn that both grandmothers have purchased the identical stuffed bear for Tabatha. Endora gets the upper hand when she places a spell on her bear, which dances every time anyone says the name Tabatha, who ends up being fascinated by the dancing bear. While Darrin's mother sulks, Darrin's father, on the other hand, sees the dancing bear as a business opportunity that could reap him and Darrin millions. Samantha and Darrin have to figure out a way to convince Endora to take the spell off the bear, or come up with a way to nix the inevitable deal Darrin's father will make with the toy manufacturer he calls in.

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