amantha has noticed that Endora seems to be softening to the idea of Darrin, even to the point of giving him gifts. For Darrin's upcoming birthday, Endora decides to give him a gift without telling him: three wishes. Darrin throws off the first two wishes quickly, but it may be that last wish which may cause the most problems. Larry is stuck at a fogged-in Chicago airport, which is not good timing as one of his most temperamental clients, Mr. Turgeon, is sitting in his office to renew his contract. After Larry telephones Darrin to keep Turgeon preoccupied until he can get back to New York, Darrin makes his third wish: to be Larry Tate for a day. After Darrin overcomes the shock of being Larry, Darrin has to deal with Turgeon without knowing anything about the client, and deal with Louise who believed her husband was in Chicago. That latter situation may be a touchy one as bedtime rolls around and/or if Larry returns home earlier than expected, that is unless Samantha can reverse the spell.

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