amantha is trying to design and sew an evening gown for a business dinner she and Darrin are going to with an important client, the Glendons. Samantha's dressmaking the mortal way isn't going very well, so Endora convinces Samantha to get some inspiration from French couturier, Aubert, which she does so clandestinely. When Darrin unwittingly criticizes Samantha's mortal creation, Samantha feels what is best for all concerned is to create a gown through witchcraft, using one of Aubert's new designs. The gown is a hit at the dinner, so much so that Darrin, wanting to please the client, offers Samantha's services as gown designer and seamstress to Mrs. Glendon, Mrs. Glendon's sister-in-law and Mrs. Kravitz. Having no aptitude as a designer or seamstress the mortal way, Samantha feels she has no other choice but to create those three gowns also using witchcraft, and also using three of Aubert's not yet released designs. These three gowns will be debuted at a business cocktail party Darrin is hosting for a new client, while Samantha will wear the same gown she wore to the dinner to the cocktail party. What Samantha is unaware of until the new client is introduced at the cocktail party is that the client is Aubert, who is trying to introduce his creations for the mass American market, something he tried before but failed. Samantha has to figure out a way to get Aubert not to sue the agency for what he believes is theft of his designs, but also to help Aubert get over a much larger cultural gap issue for American business success.

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