ecause she can't get a babysitter and she can't cancel her important appointment, Samantha reluctantly allows Endora to babysit Tabatha for the first time. Samantha's only worry about allowing Endora to sit is Darrin's feelings about Endora's use of witchcraft in the house. Despite Endora's vow not to use witchcraft while sitting with Tabatha, Endora can't help herself when Gladys Kravitz comes over the show off her nephew Edgar, who is the same age as Tabatha but who Mrs. Kravitz states is far more advanced than Tabatha. So what Endora decides to do is allow Tabatha to speak, answering Mrs. Kravitz's question directly. Mrs. Kravitz calls in the press to cover the story, which shouldn't be an issue since Tabatha can't really speak, but Endora, who is angry at Darrin for berating her, makes Tabatha speak in front of the reporters. Beyond Samantha needing to convince Endora that what she did was wrong, they have to come up with a way to stop the story cold as their life has become a media circus since the story broke.

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