arrin is dismayed to see yet another one of Samantha's relatives stop by for a visit, this time an Irish leprechaun named Brian O'Brian. What Darrin quickly learns is that Brian is not a relative of Samantha's, but one of his, or at least a figment of one of his Irish ancestor's imaginations. Brian has come to the US to retrieve his last pot of gold, which was snatched from beneath him when the fireplace in which he was hiding it was transported into a new house in the US by the house's wealthy new owner, James Dennis Robinson, his US house nearby where Darrin and Samantha live. With no pot of gold, Brian is without his leprechaun magic. Samantha can't use her witchcraft to get the pot of gold for him since it has leprechaun magic on it, meaning that Brian has to retrieve it himself. Breaking into the fortified Robinson mansion may be difficult enough, but Brian hadn't even considered that the pot of gold may have been discovered in its move, which may reduce him to a mere mortal for his remaining days if he can't get it back.

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