gainst Darrin's wishes, Samantha accompanies him to the lecture of his latest client, Osgood Rightmire, who is renowned as the greatest authority on witches. Simply, he doesn't believe they exist. Samantha, on the other hand, believes he is the biggest peddler of anti-witch lies. During the lecture, Samantha can't further help but use a little witchcraft against him after one too many slur against witches. In turn, he recites an incantation which he states will make any witch within his vicinity disappear. It works as he makes Samantha disappear. Luckily, her disappearance is only temporary, but unluckily her disappearance happens again and again against her will. Not paying attention, neither Darrin or Samantha can remember the incantation, so Endora doesn't know how to solve the problem. They have to get Rightmire to say the incantation again for the problem to be solved, which he refuses to do. But they also have to figure out how he can perform witchcraft if he isn't a warlock.

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