dam Newlarkin, an old army friend of Darrin's, is staying with Darrin and Samantha temporarily until he finds a job as he has just moved to the city. When Adam seems to be inflicted by a barrage of strange occurrences while at the Stephens house, Samantha believes that he and/or one of his ancestors has been hexed by a spell, especially as Samantha learns Adam and his family are long time residents of Salem. Aunt Clara does some checking for Samantha, and confirms Samantha's suspicion. They also learn that from the hex, Adam will be charged with a criminal offense of stealing a large sum of money unless they can remove the hex by five o'clock in the afternoon the following day. The problem becomes how Darrin, Samantha and Aunt Clara can get Adam to do the triumvirate of unusual tasks required within one day for the hex to be neutralized.

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