arrin pitches a campaign to a baby food company. The company's president, Mr. Robbins, likes the campaign, and wants to sign with Darrin. However, the company's advertising manager, George Barkley, wants ten days to mull over the concept before making a decision. What Darrin is unaware of is that what Barkley wants more than a good advertising campaign is an advertising man with a squeaky clean background that will no way negatively affect the company's wholesome image. As such, he hires a private investigator, Charlie Leach, to do some digging into Darrin's background. After finding no dirt on Darrin, Leach moves on to the family, namely Samantha. Beyond Leach possibly spying Samantha performing some witchcraft, Samantha may unwittingly feed the fire that Leach is starting on her. Beyond this specific job, Leach has ulterior motives on finding out as much dirt as he can on Samantha as possible.

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