amantha is expecting the arrival of Darrin's Uncle Albert, who is coming for an extended visit and who she has never met. The person who Samantha welcomes into their house as Uncle Albert is really Horace Dilliway, ex of the vaudeville team of Dillaway & Dunn. Both Horace and his still partner William Dunn are now hobos that had been casing the neighborhood, waiting for husbands to leave for work so that they could sponge free meals off of the wives. Horace is appreciative of the hospitality shown by Samantha, even if it is only because she believes him to be Uncle Albert. However, William suggests that Horace's unfettered access to the house provides them the perfect opportunity to rob the Stephenses. The questions become what Samantha will do when she finds out that he's not really Uncle Albert in light of the fact that she really likes him, and will Horace show greater allegiance to William, his long time partner, or Samantha, the first person to show him some real kindness in years?

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