amantha believes that the seventh time will be the charm as Darrin has had to postpone their planned vacation to Florida six times already due to work. But a last minute work emergency makes them have to postpone the trip once again. Endora thinks that Darrin's actions don't make him a good husband since he is neglecting Samantha. So when Samantha states that Endora doesn't ever get to see the fun side of Darrin, Endora, without telling either Darrin or Samantha, decides to split Darrin into two, the "stuffed shirt" side who will stay behind and work on the emergency account, and the "fun" side who will go the Florida with Samantha. Samantha eventually finds out about what Endora has done, but goes ahead with Endora's plan since she can't fight her mother's logic, especially when Endora convinces her that Darrin does need a vacation, even if it's only half of him that gets to experience it. What Samantha doesn't account for is that stuffed shirt Darrin may be a little too work focused even for his client, and that fun Darrin may be just a little too much fun to take on a continual basis.

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