amantha receives a visit from a young man she doesn't know. He turns out to be Rodney, an obnoxious boy warlock she used to babysit. Although he is now grown, the obnoxious part of his personality remained. Rodney has come to profess his love. After Samantha tells him to leave since she is happily married, Rodney decides to leave only if he feels Darrin worthy. Rodney's vantage point to do his review?: act as a stray dog. After Darrin falls in love with the dog, he who wants to keep it if they can't find its owner, Samantha discovers that the dog is Rodney. Samantha threatens physical violence against Rodney unless he gives up his campaign. This time, Rodney vows to leave for good if she and Darrin are still together by the end of the day. Rodney goes on a systematic campaign to break up Samantha and Darrin, while Samantha does her best to get rid of Darrin's beloved dog using anything but witchcraft since she is one day shy of making it through the month without, that milestone which Darrin wants to celebrate.

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