arrin has been busy at work of late on a campaign for Tony Devlin. Rather than feel neglected, Samantha understands that it's just a short term work situation. Even after Samantha and Endora catch Darrin out for lunch with who ends up being "Toni" Devlin, a beautiful woman, Samantha still understands and trusts Darrin. What Samantha and Endora are unaware of is that Darrin and Toni indeed did clear the air that their relationship is purely business. As such, Endora believes the worst. So when Toni drops by the Stephens' house unexpectedly to discuss emergency business with Darrin, Endora turns Toni into a cat. What's worse, initially unbeknown to either Samantha or Darrin, Charlie Leach, the private detective who once tried to blackmail them because he knew of Samantha being a witch, saw what Endora did, and decides to catnap Miss Devlin. The ransom: $1 million. Samantha and Darrin have to figure a way both to get Miss Devlin back without giving in to Charlie's blackmail, and convince Endora to turn her back into a human being, all before Darrin and Toni's important business meeting.

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