arrin is feeling sorry for himself as he has not progressed in his career as he would have liked. The latest example is the fact that Larry has told him that he will not be working on the prestigious Waterhouse account. Samantha wants to show Darrin that she believes in him even if he doesn't. But she can have confidence in him since she has learned from Louise that Larry is indeed giving him the Waterhouse account, this news which she isn't to divulge. So when Larry tells him the news, Darrin ultimately believes that Samantha used her witchcraft to get him the account, especially as it would allow him to buy her the mink coat she has had her eye on. His belief is strengthened when everything he wants seems to come his way, even when he tries his hardest to sabotage the situation, leading him to believe that Samantha is looking out for him in everything that he does. Although he is initially angry with what he believes Samantha is doing, he ultimately gives in since he loves her and believes she has been a loving and faithful wife. So when Samantha gets wind of what Darrin believes she's done, Samantha has to find a way to show him that he needs to have faith in himself and in her.

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