amantha and Darrin have been invited over to the Kravitz's to watch Gladys' virtuoso violinist brother, Louis Gruber, perform on his first national television appearance. The Kravitzes attribute much of Louis' current success to the Stephens. The story... At age thirty-five, Louis had not performed publicly since he was nine years old, then having been considered a child prodigy. But that experience left a scar on his psyche: his knickers fell down half way through his performance. He had been unable to get a job of any kind since he would not settle for anything below his virtuosity, yet he would not actively seek out violin playing gigs. After learning that he indeed has great talent, Samantha believed all he needed was a little push. She ended up getting him a gig at a benefit concert. Using witchcraft whenever needed, Samantha would not allow Louis to back out as hard as he tried.

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