arrin and Samantha receive a frantic telephone call from Larry and Louise who are vacationing in London. The Tate's governess has taken ill, and they want the Stephenses to take care of Jonathan until they return from London. Darrin and Samantha are happy to do so. But Gladys, who knows that Samantha is only three months pregnant herself, sees Darrin and Samantha drive off hurriedly that evening and return two hours later with "a baby", who Gladys truly believes is the one to which Samantha would have just given birth. Based on that belief, Gladys passes information of the Stephens' new baby to a visiting Maurice. After Maurice learns from Samantha that she doesn't plan on providing any witchcraft training to her offspring, Maurice, without telling Samantha he is going to do so, takes Jonathan away to provide that training himself, he believing Jonathan being his grandson. While Samantha and Endora try to track down Maurice and Jonathan, Darrin has to stall Larry and Louise, who have just returned from London and who are anxious to see their son. Meanwhile, Maurice becomes frustrated as "his" grandson shows no signs of having powers, especially as he shows off the baby to his friends.

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