arrin's latest client, Mr. Norton, is an expert horticulturist, whose prized possession is an extremely rare Peruvian black rose. While touring his greenhouse, Samantha all of a sudden becomes faint and dizzy, which she as a witch has never experienced. She learns that she does not have a mortal medical affliction when her powers go on the blink, and later her face suddenly gets covered with green square spots. Aunt Clara diagnoses it as being caused by exposure to the Peruvian black rose, which was used to drive witches out of Peru. Once they are all calmed by the assumption that her affliction will not harm the baby, Aunt Clara sends Darrin off to gather items for the antidote that she will brew. More problems arise when Darrin tries to get those items, which include such standard western medicinal ingredients such as bat wings, porpoise milk, eye of newt and an ostrich feather. But it's the final ingredient which may get Darrin into the most trouble on both a personal and professional level.

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