espite it being Halloween, a day when witches are demonized, Samantha refuses to go into hiding with Endora. Samantha understands that Halloween is the "worse" in the "better of worse" of her wedding vows, but she also knows that Darrin respects her and doesn't want to perpetuate the negative stereotype. But all the trust the Darrin has built with Samantha on the issue may go out the window when Larry sends Samantha some typical Halloween decorations for their small dinner party that evening with clients, Jack and Phyllis Rogers, those decorations part of Rogers' product line. Feeling like Darrin has corrupted Samantha, Endora, just prior to the dinner party and disguised as a young girl trick or treater, places a spell on Darrin slowly turning him into a werewolf. With razor and nail clippers in hand, Darrin has to try and keep up with the shaving and clipping as the rapid hair and nail growth continues while not letting on to their guests what's going on, as Samantha tries to convince a "spell forgetful" young Endora to reverse the spell. But Darrin being a werewolf on Halloween may have unintended consequences.

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