unt Clara overhears a conversation between Samantha and Darrin, with Samantha stating that she has nothing to wear for a last minute invitation to a business cocktail party. To do Samantha a favor, Aunt Clara conjures up a party dress. It's beautiful. Feeling like she can do no wrong, she also conjures up a dapper new suit for Darrin for the party. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, Samantha and Darrin allow her these few acts of magic for the night and accept the gifts with thanks. To return the favor, they invite Aunt Clara along to the party, which is for Charles Barlow, a prospective client who makes the "Aunt Jenny" line of not very good tasting health food products. But Aunt Clara's acts of witchcraft slowly start to disintegrate as the evening progresses, which ultimately gets Darrin into a bit of trouble, both with Barlow and Barlow's account and with the police. Although slightly upset, Darrin feels that Samantha can't spring him from jail, but he thinks he has a way to beat the rap.

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