n anxious Darrin can't wait to hear the results of Tabatha's one year pediatrician check-up. But Samantha ends up being concerned not about what ends up being the doctor's diagnosis that Tabatha is perfect, but what the doctor did not see: Tabatha's first use of witchcraft. Samantha dreads telling Darrin that his daughter is a witch just like her mother. Endora finds out about Tabatha, and would love to be the one to tell Darrin if only to rub it in his face. Samantha has more pressing concerns, as Larry and a client, Mark Robbins, are scheduled to come over to the house for cocktails, and Samantha is worried about Tabatha displaying her powers in front of them. But Robbins ends up wanting Tabatha for an advertising campaign, which further stresses out Samantha, as left alone with the campaign photographer, Tabatha could cause a whole lot of incidents unexplainable to mortals.

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