arrin and Samantha have a fight over the fact that Samantha gave away his favorite sports jacket, an orange and black checked houndstooth. She gave it away to a thrift store since it was old, torn, outdated, never worn, and what ends up being the biggest bone of contention between the two, ugly in Samantha's opinion. Darrin and Samantha end up speaking to Larry and Louise respectively about the argument, the Tates who give the perspective of their own therapist, Dr. Matthew Kramer. Louise states that the loud jacket represents Darrin's want to look good for her, while Larry states that Samantha's dislike for loud clothing represents Samantha's want to be in a safe, stable marriage. The gifts that Darrin and Samantha get for the other to make up for the fight, each gift based on Larry and Louise's advice, ends up ratcheting the fight up a notch. Only Dr. Kramer may be able to resolve the marital discord. However, Endora, who has disdain for psychiatrists, believes that if one is going to consult a quack, at least consult the most famous of them all.

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