he latest diatribe Endora rails against Darrin to Samantha is that she believes he, like all mortal men, enjoys wallowing in the drudgery of work, as work is how mortal men identity themselves. Otherwise, mortal men would be like little children with nothing to do. To prove her point, Endora, without telling either Samantha or Darrin, places a spell on a bowl of popcorn. Anyone who eats the popcorn will forget all about work. It works as Darrin, after eating the popcorn, decides to stay home from work this day, which doesn't bother Samantha in the slightest. However, as more and more men stop by the house and eat the popcorn, the Stephens residence becomes one giant man cave. Having the disruptive group of men around is not good timing for Samantha as she has just volunteered to do some fundraising work with some officious neighborhood women who are meeting at the house. Darrin and his fun loving compatriots threaten Samantha's good standing among the neighborhood women. But when Samantha finally figures out what Endora has done, Samantha tries to use it to her advantage.

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