arrin and Samantha are hosting a dinner for the Tates and Cosgroves, the latter - Max and Adelaide - who are one of McMann and Tate's most lucrative clients. The dinner is for Max to sign the renewal contract, although everyone knows that it is overbearing Adelaide who wears the pants in the family, she who has to give her OK before Max will sign. Samantha and Darrin have no idea that the antique armchair that Samantha has just purchased - the chair which is really a cheap copy (reflected in the price Samantha paid) - may threaten Max signing. Adelaide loves the chair, and as it is a one of a kind with no other at that antiques store, Samantha, despite liking the chair herself, gives it to Adelaide as a gift. It isn't until the chair arrives back at the Stephens' house in the middle of the night that Samantha learns that the chair is "alive". The fact that it made its way back to their house on its own probably means that whoever the chair has a connection to her or Darrin. Samantha has to find out who the chair is, while smoothing the waters with the Cosgroves who are arguing because of the missing chair and who have still not yet signed the contract.

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