amantha is having troubles fixing her lamp. In an effort to help, a visiting Aunt Clara tries to conjure up an electrician to fix the lamp for Samantha. Aunt Clara does achieve her goal, but the electrician she conjures up probably can't help: Benjamin Franklin. Beyond the issues of Aunt Clara having problems remembering the incantation to send him back and Samantha and Darrin trying to hide Franklin from visitors such as Gladys Kravitz and Larry Tate, the latter who believes he's Darrin's campaign idea for Franklin Electronics, Samantha can't help but enjoy the sense of wonderment in Franklin's face when he learns of what his many inventions have resulted in. Against Darrin's advice, Samantha and Aunt Clara want to take him around town so that he can see the state of his inventions first hand. But as Franklin manages to experiment on his own, he gets into trouble in the form of a grand theft charge. Samantha and Darrin have to decide whether to keep Franklin around for his scheduled court date in four weeks time, or send him back regardless. Aunt Clara may have some say in the matter.

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