n the conclusion of a two part episode, Aunt Clara is able to conjure up Benjamin Franklin, so that he can stand trial for grand theft for allegedly trying to steal an antique fire engine, and so that Darrin will not forgo the $1,000 he put up for bail. The district attorney is determined to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law as he believes that "Benjamin Franklin" - or whoever he is in real life - is purely a publicity stunt developed by Darrin. Believing that hiring a lawyer is not in their best interest, Samantha, Darrin and Franklin have to figure out the appropriate defense strategy, one that doesn't make them and him sound crazy in the assertion that he really is Benjamin Franklin. But known for his eloquence in speech, Franklin talking in his own words may go a long way in helping his cause. A little Samantha witchcraft wouldn't hurt matters either.

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