s Darrin is away on a business trip, Aunt Clara makes an unexpected but welcome visit to help Samantha with Tabatha. Their first outing takes them to a park, where they encounter a mother with her infant. They get into a bit of a scuffle if only because of Tabatha using witchcraft to take the other infant's stuffed pink polka elephant. As Aunt Clara takes Tabatha home, Samantha next makes a visit to the bank to apply for a loan so that she and Darrin can do some remodeling at the house. The bank president, Mr. Scranton, is more than happy to approve the loan as his own brother is a major client of Darrin's. Deemed only a formality, the bank's appraiser, Hawkins, has to come by the house to do a site inspection, although Hawkins seems the type of person who is happy when he finds a reason not to approve a loan. He may have that reason as Aunt Clara, wanting to indulge Tabatha's want for a stuffed pink polka dot elephant, uses her witchcraft to produce one. However, what Aunt Clara produces is a live, full-sized pink polka dot elephant. The elephant's arrival may not only threaten the loan, but also the account that Scranton's brother has at McMann & Tate. A further problem is that Aunt Clara can only reverse the spell if she has the actual stuffed elephant from the park in her possession, which may not be the easiest of tasks to achieve.

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