amantha has been helping twelve year old Johnny Mills get to the track to test out his soap box cart. Samantha and Darrin learn that Johnny has asked Samantha because he doesn't want to tell his mechanic father, who has no idea that Johnny has even built a cart. They later further learn the reason why: single father Mr. Mills wants Johnny to become a professional - specifically a doctor - and will not support anything that resembles the low paying manual work he himself does. Johnny however realizes that without his father's written permission, Johnny will not be able to compete in the regional races, the winner to go to the national finals in Akron, Ohio. Against Darrin's wishes, Samantha takes Johnny's plight on as her own. Beyond getting Mr. Mills involved in his son's want to race, which may be supported by the fact that winner does get scholarship money, Samantha, and eventually Darrin, have other obstacles in getting Johnny to race, including Mrs. Kravitz, who believes that Johnny has some "magical" help in Samantha's twitching nose. Mrs. Kravitz's vested interest is that her nephew, the cocky Leroy 'Flash' Kravitz, is Johnny's main competitor.

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