arrin is fascinated by the space probe's up close photographs of the moon. Samantha is more preoccupied by her housework than the television coverage of the space probe's travels, as she implies off the cuff that she's been to the moon, news which quietly unnerves Darrin. Later, while Darrin spends the afternoon with Larry to unload his emotional problems regarding this revelation about Samantha, Endora drops by the house and convinces Samantha to take a couple of hours off from her copious amount of housework to go shopping... in Tokyo. Although Samantha makes it home before Darrin, Darrin, upon his arrival home and seeing that Samantha is using some witchcraft to complete her housework, questions her regarding her whereabouts while he was gone. Irked by what she feels is needing to provide Darrin with a minute by minute account of her day, she offhandedly shoots back that she was at the moon. Darrin goes to extreme measures to find out if Samantha was indeed at the moon today. This leads to a further nervous conundrum for Darrin about what he really wants and doesn't want to know about his wife, her witchly past, and thus their possible witchly future.

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