amantha is worried about Darrin's reaction to the news that Tabatha is a witch. As such, she's not sure how to tell him. It's bad timing as it's their anniversary and she doesn't want what she expects to be his negative reaction to ruin their anniversary celebration. Samantha gets Aunt Clara to babysit while they're off on their anniversary dinner, but Aunt Clara begins to believe that she's not well as, unaware of Tabatha's powers, attributes Tabatha's magical doings as her own witchcraft gone haywire. So without a reliable babysitter, Samantha and Darrin decide instead to hold a small anniversary cocktail party for themselves and the Tates. Samantha's new worry is hiding any of Tabatha's magic from the Tates while they're at the house. But Samantha still has to figure out how to tell Darrin about Tabatha, with the ultimate question being how Darrin will feel about having two witches in the house.

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