unt Clara, having just met with Endora and some of her contemporaries, is thinking about giving up and turning herself into something useful like a footstool. Endora likened her to an old cow that needed to be put out to pasture. To cheer Aunt Clara up, Samantha convinces Darrin to take them out for lunch. Forgetting to run an errand, Samantha leaves Aunt Clara in the lobby of Darrin's building while she runs that errand. Upon Samantha's return, Aunt Clara is nowhere to be found, but a cow is in the lobby, the cow which she believes is Aunt Clara. In reality, Aunt Clara went to look for a place to sit down, while the cow is a publicity stunt concocted by the Whittle Agency, one of McMann & Tate's competitors, to woo C.L. Morton for the Morton Dairy account. While Samantha zaps what she believes is Aunt Clara home and tries to convince her to change back into a witch, Whittle, Morton and the authorities try to locate $12,000 Ginger the cow. News of a cow at the home of an executive of Whittle's competitor could place Larry and Darrin in hot water.

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