or a tropical swimsuit campaign, Darrin has to go on a business trip to Honolulu, but can't take Samantha, about which she is disappointed but understanding. So when he says he wishes he can take Samantha, Endora, telling Samantha but not telling Darrin, gives him three wishes in order to show him for being the two faced liar she believes he is. Quickly, Darrin learns that he no longer has to go to Hawaii, as the clients want Larry to go instead. Samantha believes this first wish bodes well for proving Endora wrong. But what happens is that Darrin has to take over what was Larry's task at the home office, namely to deal with the swimsuit model, the beautiful Buffy Baker, who is making a tour of various US cities for the campaign. So when Darrin ends up having at the last minute to accompany Buffy to Boston, and then gets stuck in Boston with Buffy in a freak snowstorm - while a heatwave hovers over the New York area - Samantha has to eat her words to Endora about Darrin's wish two and three. But it's something else the result of his wishes that may threaten Darrin and Samantha's marriage. Upon his arrival home with Samantha ready to walk out the door for good, Darrin has to figure out why Samantha is so angry at him, and if there is anything he can do to prove to her that he did nothing improper against their marriage.

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