fter an embarrassing encounter with important client Ed Pennybaker where he couldn't remember his name, Darrin laments his failing memory. Darrin tries to improve his memory with the help of a book on the issue, believing better memory will help him in life. Endora thinks differently, so without Darrin's knowledge, she places a spell on his watch, its wearer who will have perfect memory. What happens is that perfect memory Darrin comes across as a know-it-all to anyone around him, which irks both Larry and Samantha to no end. But Darrin's know-it-all attitude irks Pennybaker even more, as without realizing it, Pennybaker himself likes to think himself an authority on any and every subject, he who doesn't like to be corrected by someone seemingly more knowledgeable than him. Samantha has to figure out what has caused this change in Darrin and hopefully rectify not only the rifts it has caused between himself and both her and Larry, but also Pennybaker and his lucrative account.

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