amantha and Darrin are hosting a dinner party for Darrin's old college friend, the overachieving Charlie Harper, who figuratively has always turned everything to gold, and Charlie's wife Daphne. Despite feeling somewhat inferior to Charlie, Darrin admits that he still likes Charlie. Time has only increased Charlie's success in life, but has not changed Darrin's favorable opinion of him. Daphne, however, is slyly but still obviously condescending toward both Darrin and Samantha. The Stephens decide to extend the company of the Harpers when they accept Charlie and Daphne's last minute invitation to spend the weekend at one of their resort homes with a group of their wealthy and important friends. Charlie has ulterior motives behind the weekend request: he offers Darrin a presidency at his own advertising firm. But it's an action by Samantha in response to Daphne that has an unexpected affect both on the Stephens and Harper's marriages.

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