eeling nostalgic, Aunt Clara decides to head back to the Victorian era for a visit. However, her miscalculated spell brings the Victorian era to her at Samantha and Darrin's house, most specifically in the form of Queen Victoria herself. Just because she is in twentieth century New York doesn't mean that Queen Victoria didn't leave behind her Victorian sensibilities or her need to rule. As such, Aunt Clara, as her maid in waiting, doesn't want to send her back as they together want to solve all the problems of the world. Queen Victoria's arrival and stay is bad timing for Samantha as Mr. Morgan, a potential million dollar client for Darrin, wants to stop by to meet Samantha while Darrin is out of town on a business trip. Samantha will either have to convince Aunt Clara to send her back beforehand, or explain to a confused Larry and Mr. Morgan what a dictatorial Queen Victoria is doing in their house, especially problematic as Mr. Morgan is dictatorial in nature himself.

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