or one of McMann & Tate's longest held and most lucrative accounts, Darrin is now dealing with Terry Warbell, who he has just met. She is the beautiful twenty-four year old daughter of the company's president. Darrin has to break an anniversary luncheon with Samantha to deal with Miss Warbell, who seems more interested in Darrin personally than professionally. Although Samantha is disappointed about lunch, she trusts Darrin. Endora, however, doesn't. In spying on Darrin and Miss Warbell, Endora finds something rather odd about her. Meanwhile, an elderly confused woman is wandering around Morning Glory Circle. Samantha and Endora eventually learn that that elderly woman is the true Miss Warbell. They surmise that the young woman with Darrin is really a 500 year old Crone of Cawdor, who switched bodies with Miss Warbell for 12 hours. Using Miss Warbell's body, the Crone's mission is to be kissed by a mortal before the end of that 12 hours, in order to switch ages with the kisser permanently. Although Samantha trusts Darrin, she has to protect him against who he believes is Miss Warbell without seeming like she's jealous.

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