ndora rails against Darrin after their latest argument. Samantha counters that everyone believes Darrin to be the nicest person in the world except her. So Endora secretly places a spell so that whenever she rings a bell, the person who Darrin is meeting for the first time takes an instant dislike to him. This spell causes problems for Darrin and some clients, who refuse to work with him. Larry believes there is something psychologically inherent within his personality that is making him turn off his clients, so he suggests that Darrin go see a psychiatrist. When Samantha finds out what's going on with Darrin, she immediately knows it's her mother's doing. So first, Samantha has to make sure Darrin's psychiatric session goes the way she wants, and second, after telling Darrin what's going on, she has to get Endora to remove the spell so that Darrin can win back his disgruntled clients. But Darrin's new extremely accommodating personality in trying to win back the clients may do more damage than Endora's spell.

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