arrin is worried about his parent's impending visit as it will be the first since Tabatha started using witchcraft. It is even worse timing as Samantha and Darrin find out Tabatha is at a stage called "wishcraft" where anyone she wishes to be near her will automatically appear, that person who seems to be Darrin more often than not. For support in dealing with Tabatha, Samantha calls in a reinforcement in the form of her mother. Having Endora in the house with his parents doesn't sit well with Darrin. As such, Samantha and Darrin get into an argument about the issue, which in turn raises Endora's back not only regarding Darrin, but Darrin's mother. In this in-law feud, it's Mrs. Stephens Sr. that may need more convincing than anyone that everything is AOK between Darrin and Samantha than what the two can say or do in front of her.

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