ather than be annoyed, Samantha is excited to learn that there is an upcoming witch's coven, where the primary topic to be discussed is Tabatha's powers. Samantha is eager to learn the assessment. Luckily for Samantha, Darrin, who would disapprove, has to work the entire day of the coven, so will be unaware that it has occurred. All Samantha's closest female elders are in attendance - Endora and Aunts Clara, Enchantra and Hagatha - with Maurice keeping a close eye on the results. Samantha is encouraged by the first part of the assessment: Tabatha is a witch of extraordinary powers. But Samantha and Darrin, who walks in on the process, are dead set against the second part of the assessment: that Tabatha is to be taken away to study at Hagatha's school. Despite Samantha, Darrin and Aunt Clara's objection, Samantha is powerless with her own witchcraft to stop her mother and her Aunts Enchantra and Hagatha from taking Tabatha away. But can Samantha conjure an even more powerful force to battle the three?

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