he ability for Darrin to take Samantha on the long promised vacation to Bermuda is dependent upon the success of his latest campaign for Madame Maruska lipstick, and Larry in turn providing a bonus based on his performance. Believing it is Samantha's heritage to live an exciting life by being able to travel the world at will, Endora decides to give Darrin a little helping hand by placing a spell on Madame Maruska's account representative, Arch Wilkerson, to pay attention only to Darrin and see him as the driving force behind the brilliant campaign, despite Wilkerson being Larry's friend. Darrin is excited by Wilkerson's reaction, until he learns it was all Endora's doing. When reclusive Madame Maruska later comes into the office gushing about Darrin, he believes her arrival is not only Endora's doing, but that Endora is masquerading as Madame Maruska herself. As such, he kicks her out of the office. When Darrin learns that Endora had nothing to do with Madame Marsuka coming to see him, he has to figure out a way to regain her account, or else risk losing his job. Samantha figures a little witchcraft to force the issue may be just the extra support Darrin needs.

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