s Darrin is reading his own newspaper, Aunt Clara zaps up a newspaper for herself to read. However, the newspaper she zaps up is tomorrow's, with a feature article about Larry, which states that he has broken his leg while on his second honeymoon. As the story takes place in the future, Darrin believes that he and Samantha can prevent it from happening, despite Darrin not knowing where he and Louise are as Larry wanted privacy. Reluctantly supporting Darrin on this mission of preventing Larry's mishap, Samantha, using her witchcraft, locates the Tate's honeymoon destination. Despite Darrin and Samantha trying to watch over every move that Larry makes that potentially could cause the leg breaking accident, the primary question is whether Larry and Darrin's friendship can withstand what Larry sees as the intrusion of Darrin and Samantha on what is supposed to be his and Louise's private time.

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