cold bug is going around, with a bedridden Darrin and Larry being among those affected. Since Samantha is housebound needing to take care of both Darrin and Tabatha and thus unable to go on her shopping date with her mother, Endora decides to "cure" Darrin by bringing in their family doctor, Dr. Bombay. Despite Dr. Bombay never having treated a mortal, Endora convinces him to do so, with Darrin believing Dr. Bombay being a substitute mortal doctor. Prescribing his own miracle pill, Dr. Bombay is able to cure Darrin immediately. A surprised Darrin in turn is able to convince Larry to take a pill as well, Larry too cured immediately. They believe they and Dr. Bombay can get rich by marketing the pill as the cure to the common cold, along with their pharmaceutical client, Mr. Hornbeck. When Samantha finds out what's going on, she becomes concerned both for the obvious reason of marketing a pill created by witchcraft, but also because Dr. Bombay's experimentation on mortals may have unexpected side effects.

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