hile Samantha and Darrin go out for the evening with the Tates, they get Aunt Clara to babysit Tabatha. When Larry and Louise ask at the last minute if Aunt Clara can also babysit their son Jonathan, Samantha feels she has no other choice but to say yes. Aunt Clara decides to use witchcraft to amuse the children, but instead of conjuring up a toy pony as was her intention, she instead conjures up a second Jonathan, identical to the first. By the time Samantha and Darrin return home with the Tates, Aunt Clara has not resolved the situation, as she can't remember the incantation she used, but what's worse is she can't remember which baby is the real Jonathan. Samantha tries her hardest to stall the Tates from leaving with "a Jonathan" to go home - which is not an easy task - while a flustered Aunt Clara works to reverse her spell, which may be an even more difficult task. Complications ensue when each Tate parent, separated in the house, gets a hold of one of the baby Jonathans.

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