amantha and Darrin are expecting a visit from Gerry O'Toole, Darrin's great aunt's friend who they've never met. Upon Gerry's arrival, they are surprised that Gerry's visit is an extended one being at least overnight, and that Gerry is actually Geraldine. With a little help from Endora deciphering Gerry's unique talents and behavior, Samantha eventually learns that Gerry is a wood nymph, who are mortal enemies of witches. Thus, Samantha figures that Gerry has ulterior motives for her visit. Indeed, Gerry has come to carry out a curse her people placed on one of Darrin's ancestors, Darrin the Bold, and all of Darrin the Bold's descendants for Darrin the Bold slaying Rufus the Red. Samantha figures the only way to lift the curse is to go back to the time of Darrin the Bold - the 15th century - and stop him from slaying Rufus the Red. The problem: Samantha will not have her powers so will have to rely solely on her ingenuity to stop the slaying.

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