ndora and Uncle Arthur, who have as unloving a relationship as Endora and Darrin, both come by to visit Tabatha and Samantha. A war of words between the adult siblings leads to Endora vowing never to return, which is just fine with Arthur. But watching Arthur grandstand with her granddaughter is just too much for Endora to take, she who does return. She will not allow Arthur to monopolize Tabatha's time in what she considers a negative way. To be able to keep an eye on Arthur, Endora, using a little witchcraft, decides to erect a house on the vacant lot across the street, the house where she plans to live. Endora's move is too much for Arthur to take, he who will do whatever he needs to get rid of Endora. Caught in the middle are Samantha and Darrin, the former who realizes that their standoff can last forever as each has equal power. Samantha tries to use a little mortal logic to end the standoff. Also caught in the middle are a frightened Gladys Kravitz and the police, who try to understand how a house was built out of thin air on the empty lot.

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