arrin has been working hard on the Wright Pen campaign. So he and Larry are flabbergasted when their competitor, Kimberley Advertising, pitches the exact same campaign to Wright just an hour before them. Given a twenty-four hour reprieve from Wright, Darrin comes up with what he believes is even a better campaign. So they are even more surprised that Kimberley again pitches the exact same idea to Wright before them. Larry believes there is a mole somewhere in the company, or a bug planted somewhere in the office, as once can be a coincidence, but twice is too improbable to be such. They become so paranoid that Darrin even blames Samantha, who knew of both campaigns, as being the mole through what has been her excessive gossiping of late. This blame places a strain in their marriage. However, both don't fully realize how correct Darrin is, as the mole is their diaper delivery man, Dan, who is working for Kimberley and who planted a bug in a rattle he gave to Tabatha. If Samantha or Darrin finds out, Dan has cause to be worried about the wrath of a powerful witch.

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