unt Clara's latest life setback is that her longtime beau Ocky has left her for a younger witch. As such, Samantha can't deny Aunt Clara's offer to babysit to get her mind off Ocky while Samantha and Darrin attend a business dinner at the Tates to make a pitch to potential client, MacElroy Shoes. Darrin agrees if only Aunt Clara does not use witchcraft in front of Tabatha. But Aunt Clara being Aunt Clara can't resist to try her witchcraft. One of the spells she uses results figuratively in a blown fuse as the electricity has gone down in the entire Eastern Seaboard. This power failure causes a problem for Darrin as he tries to make the pitch to MacElroy via candlelight and flashlight. As Aunt Clara tries to fix the electrical problem, she calls in Ocky for help, whose powers are also starting to wane. As such, he is able only to enact a localized fix for the electrical problem. That fix however may resolve Darrin's campaign problems, but not in the way Darrin would have figured.

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