amantha is honored by the news that Ticheba, Queen of the Witches, is coming by for a visit, although she has no idea why Ticheba would want to see her. Upon her arrival, Ticheba tells Samantha that she is abdicating her throne, and that Samantha has been chosen the new queen, the change to take place at a special witch's coven that evening. After an initial moment of surprise and honor, Samantha decides to turn the position down, if only because of Darrin. Samantha, however, is talked into at least speaking to Darrin about the issue. As Samantha expected, Darrin is less than enthusiastic, but Samantha is able to convince him if only because she likens it to being her destiny, which he is somewhat unable to prohibit. She further explains that she will perform whatever duties required after midnight so as it not interfering with her mortal life. Even with these stipulations, Darrin may not be able to handle being married to the queen, especially as her duties not only affect his personal life, but also his professional life.

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